When Feminists Rule The World —
Black Lives Matter!

First up is a very special episode, dedicated to Black Lives Matter. Raquel Willis is a Black transgender activist and award-winning writer dedicated to elevating the dignity of marginalized people, particularly Black transgender people.


Guest: Raquel Willis 

Raquel Willis is a Black transgender activist, award-winning writer, and media strategist. She is the Director of Communications for the Ms. Foundation. She is the former executive editor of Out magazine and a former national organizer for Transgender Law Center (TLC).

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When Feminists Rule the World —
We Won't be Killed by Robots

This episode takes on lethal autonomous weapons systems (or killer robots), how the biases of their creators affects who lives and dies, and the dangers of deployment.


Guests: Wanda Muñoz and Liz O'Sullivan

Wanda Muñoz is a long-time activist from Mexico working on humanitarian disarmament, improving the lives of people with disabilities and providing assistance to victims of war. Her current disarmament efforts focus on the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots


Liz O’Sullivan is the Technology Director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP). She’s also co-founder and vice president of commercial operations at an AI explainability and bias monitoring startup called Arthur AI. She has been featured in articles on ethical AI in the NY Times, The Intercept, and The Register.

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When Feminists Rule the World —
Women Will Lead the Revolution

Women are (and always have been) at the forefront of protest movements around the world. Today we discuss feminist organizing and resistance as a cause of true social change, and the gendered struggles of getting a seat at the table.


Guests: Gioconda Belli & Reem Abbas


Gioconda Bellli is a Nicaraguan poet, writer and political activist. She's written four novels, six books of poetry, a memoir and a children's book, as well as essays and political commentary.


Reem Abbas is a freelance journalist with several years of experience in the field of communications and advocacy for Sudanese civil society groups and organizations. She is the winner of the 2011 Blogher award for her work on human rights and current affairs in Sudan. 

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When Feminists Rule the World —
The Apocalypse Will be Averted

This episode looks at a new nuclear arms race, sanctions, and propaganda from a feminist perspective. We’re asking the question, why are these hyper-masculine conflicts so retro? 


Guests: Christine Ahn & Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini


Christine Ahn is the Founder and Executive Director of Women Cross DMZ, a global movement of women mobilizing to end the Korean War, reunite families, and ensure women’s leadership in peace building. In 2015, she led 30 international women peacemakers across the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) from North Korea to South Korea. In March 2019, Women Cross DMZ launched a global campaign, Korea Peace Now! Women Mobilizing to End the War.


Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini is a globally recognised advocate in the field of women, peace and security, with over two decades of experience as a peace strategist working on conflicts, crises and violent extremism with a mix of civil society, governments and the UN. Sanam is the founder and CEO of the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN).

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When Feminists Rule the World —
Things Will be Less Extreme

Today Martha speaks with two guests looking at extremism from a global and feminist perspective, in the context of a recent rise in populism, white supremacy and the far right.


Guests: Ilwad Elman & Deeyah Khan


Ilwad Elman runs the Elman Peace & Human Rights Centre’s programs in Mogadishu, Somalia. She co-founded the first rape crisis centre for survivors of sexual and gender based violence. She designs interventions aimed at security sector reform to create an inclusive space for women in peace building, and develops programs for the disarmament and rehabilitation of child soldiers.


Deeyah Khan is a two-time Emmy Award-winning documentary film director. She is the founder of Fuuse, a media and arts company that puts women, people from minorities, and third-culture kids at the heart of telling their own stories. Deeyah is considered one of Norway’s most successful filmmakers. She has made four acclaimed documentaries to date.

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When Feminists Rule the World —
There Will be No More Billionaires

In this episode, we’re looking at class, capitalism, colonial structures, and wealth inequality from a feminist perspective. Who benefits from this system, and who (most of us) gets hurt? How can feminism make a difference?


Guest: Felogene Anumo

Felogene Anumo is a passionate feminist activist with experience in advancing gender and economic justice through grassroots and online activism, research and capacity strengthening of young feminist led organising. Felogene is currently the Building Feminist Economies (BFE) Coordinator for the Association of Women’s Rights and Development (AWID).

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