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Special Live Episode

When Feminists Rule the World —
There Will Be No Pandemics

COVID-19 is not an equalizer, it is a magnifier. The global pandemic has highlighted gross inequalities within societies around the world. Women, girls, and marginalized communities are hit the hardest, while simultaneously leading the response. That’s why host Martha Chaves is talking to Egyptian women human rights defender, Mozn Hassan, and Mexican-American journalist, Maria Hinojosa, about the urgent need for peace and feminist leadership in a crisis. In a feminist future of global collaboration and human security—you can be sure there will be no pandemics.


This special live broadcast is a part of the Nobel Women's Initiative's #FeministResponders campaign to spotlight the work of women human rights defenders amidst COVID-19.

Streaming live April 29, 2020 at 1:30PM EST.


Mozn Hassan is the founder and executive director of Nazra for Feminist Studies. In 2011, Nazra had an active role in the protests at Tahrir Square, providing a coordinated response to sexual assaults. Since 2012, Nazra has supported survivors of rape and women’s rights activists under threat.

Under Mozn’s leadership, Nazra successfully lobbied for the 2014 constitution of Egypt to address women’s rights, introduce laws against sexual harassment, and expand existing laws to cover more sexual crimes. Mozn helped establish the Coalition for Women Human Rights Defenders in the Middle East and North Africa to provide a common response to women’s rights breaches in the region. In 2016, she also helped set up the Caucus for Women Politicians in the Arab Region.

Mozn holds an MA in International Human Rights Law and is currently pursuing an MA in Community Psychology, both from the American University in Cairo.

She received the Global Fund for Women’s inaugural Charlotte Bunch Human Rights Award in 2013. In 2016, Muna and Nazra were jointly awarded one of the Right Livelihood Awards, often called the “Alternative Nobel Peace Prize,” for “asserting the equality and rights of women in circumstances where they are subject to ongoing violence, abuse, and discrimination.”

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As a reporter who was the first Latina in many newsrooms, Maria Hinojosa dreamt of a space where she could create independent, multimedia journalism that explores and gives a critical voice to the diverse American experience. To that end, in 2010, she created Futuro Media, an independent, nonprofit organization based in Harlem, NYC with the mission to create multimedia content for and about the new American mainstream in the service of empowering people to navigate the complexities of an increasingly diverse and connected world. She is also the Anchor and Executive Producer of the Peabody Award-winning show Latino USA, distributed by NPR, as well as Co-Host of In The Thick, the Futuro Media’s new political podcast. She is the Anchor and Executive Producer of the PBS show America By The Numbers, the first national television series to examine our country’s dramatic demographic shifts, and Humanizing America, a digital video series that deconstructs stereotypes about the American electorate. She is also a new contributor to the long-running, award-winning news program CBS Sunday Morning and a frequent guest on MSNBC.

Now at Futuro Media, Hinojosa continues to bring attention to experiences and points of view that are often overlooked or underreported in mainstream media, all while mentoring the next generation of diverse journalists to delve into authentic and nuanced stories that impact their communities. 

Learn more about Maria's work here and follow her on Twitter for updates.  


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